As I reflect on the last year and how fast it went by I noticed that it was fucking dope. Work, life, and the incoherent mess of all the drunk nights were highlights or at least the bits and pieces that can be remembered by this fragile brain.

The key to this year was most likely repetition as well as consistency.  These are likely the traits I will continue along this hilarious journey filled with family, the 2 friends I have, food and Jiu-jitsu (lets not forget all the booze).  I can honestly and truly say that all of the hard work I put in the past couple of months were not in vain, were not wasted on any sour topics or negativity from others even though I bring that to the world.  I like to say I bring it in a special way, in a way that isn’t wildly popular yet optimistically pessimistic.

This banana cream pie from Magnolia bakery located in NYC wasn’t just delicious, it was sheer perfection.  Not too sweet, not tart, Goldilocks’ing me with the right amount of graham crunch.  I am in a complete state of savory as in I am not on the sweeter side of the spectrum as I tend to stay away from pastries, cakes and chocolates.  I much prefer the complex tastes of a ghost pepper chili and have it ravage both the in’s and out’s of my digestive tract.  In all fairness this pastry was tried without animosity since for the last 3 days I’ve omitted cakes and sweets to make a decent amount of space for the better stuff.   Too bad I should take in account the fact that I have a fridge full of bacon and 5 dozen eggs to experiment with over the next couple of weeks.

I rest easy knowing that I will continue on my venture killing it in the kitchen, eating more food than I ever have before, constantly post about it and be that annoying douchebag.   Aside from that…just know this fucking pie takes a solid 9…presentation was fantastic. <3

love yourselves,


Peace love and doodoo grease.