Increasing the amount of time spent doing non productive activities are clearly mandatory.  Like the time spent masturbating or looking for to masturbate to is quite the dilemma.

I found this tidbit out while I have a new found hobby.  The apartment in which I live in has windows only that are facing northeast (which is my kitchen)and northwest (which is my living room). I’ve had this aloe plant that has been here for literally 3 years without any care that my ex girlfriend had here since we moved into this apartment.  When she left she didn’t take it and I just left it there #1 because I’m quite a bit of hoarder and #2 because I keep mementos from ex’s that allow me to remember what it was like to feel good about things that haven’t quite worked out.  So back to this plant and the windows.  I work in the mornings so for the past week I move the plant from the kitchen window at night and move it to the living room window if I get home in time to let it get the last couple of hours of sun from the west side living room window.

I figured that If I involve myself in healthier options or stupid bets with myself I can get things done much more efficiently than I did in the past.  I notice this also when I procrastinate on writing for fun and/or these blog entries.

Treating it as a game I think is better for me. Which in the interim of falling asleep and watching rogue one wasn’t the most productive evening I’ve had but I figured if the rebels didn’t encounter resistance they wouldn’t be called rebels anymore.  They had a time constraint as do most people but I don’t, but if I give myself one does that make me the imperial army to my own rebels? I guess in the sense that I’m both, right? I can be the guy that ultimately destroys myself or let flourish provided I don’t keep self sabotaging.

Bottom line, quit masturbating so much. Oh and to tell you the truth, looking for porn is literally the most difficult and time consuming project I’ve ever encountered.  Then you’re tortured with climaxing while looking at a dudes asshole closeup which I’m not much a fan of. Or the closeups of balls smacking both parties.

Fuck, this bitch went full circle.