So I got asked by a certain someone to get my shit together. I can’t imagine that anyone I know would think that I don’t have my shit together. It’s funny because my life clearly isn’t in order.  I have many companies that I have accounts with but my other daily activities can be quite destructive.

In the event that I have to get my act together I’m going to write about it and make some sort of attempt to label things as priorities and the latter.  I want this to not necessarily be something for you but this is more for me and if you could benefit from my pain, good for you.  If not, then just laugh at my stupidity and my cheap attempt at proper diction.

So after watching and making a podcast on “The Last Samurai” movie with Tom Cruise and countless amounts of foreigners I’ve realized that I need to make a paradigm shift in my life to get it going to max level output.  I’m assuming once I get a routine going and I stick with it and basically be so preoccupied with life and what I have going on that I will succeed.

Skilled at everything master of nothing is the name of my game.  The only thing I feel like I’ve mastered is being a grade A asshole.  I’m the Kobe Beef of douche bags and I’m considerably OK with that.  I pick and choose my battles.  My views may sometimes be skewed but If needed to apologize I would consider it.  But I’m working on my ego as well as my own life goals to get to where I need to be… Doesn’t mean I’ll stop being an asshole but I will have to be more biased with whatever I get into.

For a first draft at writing I feel like this was a terribly rushed job but this was a starting point.

Expect to see more of me and my friends do the dumb shit I want them to do with me.

Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen wearing ladies clothing.


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